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Blatonite RC4788

  • Blatonite

    Name: Blatonite

    Location: San Juan County, Utah, USA

    Name Reference: Named in 1998 by R. Vochten and Michel Deliens in honor of Dr. Norbert Blaton [1945-], crystallographer at the University of Leuven, Belgium, a specialist on the crystal structure of uranium minerals.

    Chemical Formula: (UO2)CO3 · H2O

    Crystal System and Class: Hexagonal class unknownuranyl carbonate monohydrate

    Accompanying Minerals: gypse / rutherfordine en boules 

    Origin (Determinator + Year): Deliens 1997

    Publication: Blatonite, UO2CO2H2O, a new uranyl carbonate monohydrate from San Juan County, Utah

    Renaud Vochten, Michiel Deliens. The Canadian Mineralogist. Vol. 36, pp. 1077-1081. 1998


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