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Haynesite RC3922

  • Haynesite

    Name: Haynesite

    Location: San Juan, Utah, USA

    Name Reference: Named after Mr. Patrick Haynes, geologist, formerly from Colorado, now living in Las Vegas. He explored old mines in the Uravan belt and discovered several new mineral species.

    Chemical Formula: (UO2)3(OH)2(SeO3)2 · 5H2O

    Crystal System and Class: Orthorhombic - (Bi)pyramidal

    Accompanying Minerals:

    Origin (Determinator + Year): Haynes P. 1990

    Publication: La haynesite, sélénite hydraté d'uranyle, nouvelle espéce minérale de la mine repete, comté de San Juan, Utah.

    Michel Deliens & Paul Piret. Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 29, pp. 561-564. 1991


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