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Seelite RC4195

  • Seelite

    Name: Seelite

    Location: Talmessi Mine, Iran, and Rabejac, France

    Name Reference: Named after Paul (1904-1982) and Hilde (1901-1987) Seel, mineral collectors.

    Chemical Formula: Mg(UO2)(As3+O3)0.7(AsO4)0.3 · 7H2O

    Crystal System and Class: Monoclinic - Prismatic

    Accompanying Minerals:

    Origin (Determinator + Year): Bariand P. 1955 - Deliens M. 1990

    Publication: Seelite, a new uranium mineral from the Talmessi Mine, Iran, and Rabejac, France

    P. Bariand, B. Bachet, C. Brassy, O. Medenbach, M. Deliens, P. Piret The mineralogical Record. volume 24, november-december 1993, 463-467


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