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Davisia cobbi Cooper & Preston

MT743: Davisia cobbi Cooper & Preston (?eulepton cobbi Cooper & Preston) Island Falkland Type 30.12.09 2° étiquette: M. Dall, à qui j'ai communiqué ce type, m'écrit 14.07.10: Davisia has just such a hinge as that of ? veneris as figured by Bernard Bull. Mus. H. N. 1898 p.81, f.3. This is not an Erqcina if me take E. pellucida (?) as type, but is much nearer to Kellia and can at best be regarded as only section of Kellia (type suborbiculadis) 3° étiquette: Paratype? cfr. W. Ponder '77 person. commun. Type in B.M.
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