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Copyright: RBINS / DIGIT-3 Belspo Licence: CC BY NC ND

Name: Astrocyanite-(Ce)

Location: Kamoto, Shaba, Zaïre

Name Reference: name derived from the greek refering to the morphology (astron = star) and the colour (kyanos = blue)

Chemical Formula: Cu2(Ce,Nd,La)2(UO2)(CO3)5(OH)2 · 1.5H2O

Crystal System and Class: Hexagonal - Dihexagonal Dipyramidal

Accompanying Minerals:

Origin (Determinator + Year): Deliens & Piret 1989

Publication: L'astrocyanite-(Ce), Cu2(TRh(U02)(C03)s(OH)z. 1,5 H20, nouvelle espèce minérale de Kamoto, Shaba, Zaïre

Michel Deliens & Paul Piret. Eur. J. Mineral 1990, 2, 407-411


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