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Copyright: RBINS / DIGIT-3 Belspo Licence: CC BY NC ND

Name: Drugmanite

Location: Richelle, Belgium

Name Reference: Named after Belgian mineralogist J. Drugman (born in Brussels, May 28th 1875; died July 1st 1950 in Brussels). He worked at the Royal Belgian Museum of Natural History; mineral collector with a special intrest in twins.

Chemical Formula: Pb2(Fe3+,Al)(PO4)(PO3OH)(OH)2

Crystal System and Class: Monoclinic - Prismatic 

Accompanying Minerals:

Origin (Determinator + Year): Van Tassel R. 1979


Publication: Drugmanite, Pb2(Fe3 + ,A1)(P04)2(OH) · H20, a new mineral from Richelle, Belgium

R Van Tassel, A-M Franselot, K Abraham. Mineralogical Magazine, december 1979, Vol. 43, pp. 463-7


Publication: Drugmanite, Pb2(Fe0.78 ,AL0.22)H(P04)2(OH)2: lts crystal structure and place in the datolite group.

Geoffrey S.D. King & Lieve Sengier-Roberts. Bull. Minéral 1988, 111, 431-437


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