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Microstele gerardae Karnekamp, 1990

IRSNB 07222 ; Rupelian, Oligocene ; Boutersem, Belgium

IRSNB 07222

IG: 29710 (Robert Marquet)     Reg: - 

Age: Early Rupelian

Locality: Boutersem, Borgloon Formation, Boutersem Sand Member, Vertebrate Horizon, Belgium

Description: Figured Specimen


Marquet, R., Laenaerts, J., Karnekamp, C. & Smith, R. (2008) The molluscan fauna of the Borgloon Formation in Belgium (Early Rupelian, Oligocene). Palaeontons, Palaeo Publishing and Library, 12 : 100 p. 

Pl. XX, fig. 3c

  • 3D model

    Contributors: 3D model: Camille Locatelli
    Copyright: RBINS / DIGIT-4 Belspo Licence: CC BY NC ND
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