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Ichthyostegidae indet.

IRSNB A 0003; Upper Devonian; Strud; Belgium

IRSNB A 0003

IG: -                Reg: -

Age: Upper Devonian, Upper Fammennian   
Locality: Bassin Namur-Diant, Strud; Belgium
Description:  fragments of right maxillae Species : indét.

-Olive S., Ahlberg P.E.A., Pernègre V.N., Poty E., Steurbaut E. & Clément G., 2016. New discoveries of Tetrapods (Ichthyostegid-like and Whatcheeriid-like) in the Famennian (Late Devonian) localities of Strud and Becco (Belgium), Palaeontology, Tome 59(6): 827-840(Fig. 4A-E)


  • Détails et reconstitution 3D du spécimens

    Abbreviations: fu, dorso-ventral furrow of the ?cleithrum;, palatal shelf; t.s, tooth socket. All scale bars represent 1 cm
    Détails et reconstitution 3D du spécimens
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