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Odontaspis rutoti (Winkler, 1878)

IRSNB P 00123; Thanetian, Paleocene; Orp-le-Grand, Walloon Brabant Province, Belgium

IRSNB P 00123

IG: 6115      Reg.: -

Age: Thanetian, Paleocene, Cenozoic
Locality: Orp-le-Grand, Province du Brabant Wallon, Belgium
Description: lateral tooth

Winkler T.C., 1874. Mémoires sur quelques restes de Poissons du système heesien. Archives du musée Teyler, T. 4(1), pp. 1-15 (pp. 6, Fig. 3)
- Hovestadt D. & Steurbaut E., 2023. Annotated iconography of the type specimens of fossil chondrichthyan fiches in the collection of the Royal Belgian Institut of Natural Sciences, Brussels. Monographs in Natural Siences (edited by K. Hoedemakers), pp. 128 (pp. 51)

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