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Arctocyonides cf. weigelti Russel, 1964

Contributors: edebast
IRSNB M 2020; Paleocene; Maret; Belgium

IRSNB M 2020

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Age: Middle Palaeocene.
Locality: Maret, Belgium.
Description: Cast of fragmentary upper right molar

-Herman, J. & Sigé, B. 1975. Présence du genre Paléocène Adapisorex (Lipotyphla, Mammalia) dans les sables d’Orp-le-Grand (Heersien) à Maret en Brabant (Belgique). Geobios 8:231-239.
-De Bast, E., Steurbaut, E. and Smith, T. 2013. New mammals from the marine Selandian of Maret, Belgium, and their implications for the age of the Paleocene continental deposits of Walbeck, Germany. Geologica Belgica 16:236-244.

  • M2020 occlusal

    Fragmentary upper right molar, occlusal view. Eric De Bast requested and made the picture in 2013. Specimen illustrated in Herman & Sigé, 1975; De Bast et al., 2013
    M2020 occlusal
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