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Antwerpibalaena liberatlas Buboys & al., 2020

IRSNB M 2325; Pliocene; Antwerp, Belgium

IRSNB M 2325

IG:        Reg.:

Piacenzian, Pliocene, Neogene, Cenozoic
Locality: Kieldrecht Lock (previously known as Deurganckdoksluis, Port of Antwerp area), Antwerp Province
, Belgium
Description: mandibles, part of the basic cranium, periotics and tympanics, part of the spine, part of the forelimb, ribs

-Duboys G., Lambert O. & Markx F., 2020. A new Pliocene right whale from Belgium suggests independent origins of large body size and fused neck vertebrae. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology pp. 27 (pp. 4, Fig. 2-15, 17)

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