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Scaldicetus caretti Du Bus, 1867

IRSNB M 0516; Miocene; Anvers; Belgium

IRSNB M 0516

IG: 17172      Reg.: 173

Age: Tortonian (Anversian), Miocene
Locality: Anvers, Belgium
Description: Insulated tooth

- Gervais P. & Van Beneden P.-J., 1880. Ostéographie des Cétacés vivants et fossiles. Arthus Bertrand: Paris, France (64 Pl.), T.8, pp. 634 (pp. 344, Pl. XX, Fig. 24)
- Lambert O. & Bianucci G., 2019. How to break a sperm whale’s teeth: dental damage in a large Miocene physeteroid from the North Sea basin. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, T. 39(4), pp. 12 (Fig. 6)



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