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Dormaalocyon latouri (Quinet, 1966)

Contributors: Picture : Jonathan Brecko
Copyright: RBINS / DIGIT-3 Belspo, Licence: CC BY NC ND
IRSNB M 2108; Ypresian; Dormaal; Belgium

IRSNB M 2108

IG: -       Reg.: -

Ypresian, Eocene
Locality: Dormaal, Vlaamse Brabant, Belgium
Description: L astragalus

-Coillot et al., 2013 Tarsal diversity in the earliest Eocene mammal fauna of Dormaal, Belgium; in Geologica Belgica, Tome 16, Part. 4, pp.274-283 (Fig. 6e-h, pp. 281).
-Solé F., Smith R., Coillot T., De Bast E. & Smith T., 2014. Dental and tarsal anatomy of 'Miacis' latouri and a phylogenetic analysis of the earliest carnivoraforms (Mammalia, Carnivoramorpha). Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 34(1):1-21, (Fig. 8E-H).

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