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Pleuraspidotherium aumonieri Lemoine, 1878

IRSNB M 1943; Paleocene; Mont de Berru; Paris Basin; France

IRSNB M 1943

IG: 26857      Reg.: -

Age: Thanetian, Paleocene
Locality: Paris Basin, Mont de Berru, France
Description: skull with the right basicranial region missing and the anterior part of the rostrum lacking

- Ladevèze S., Missiaen P. & Smith T., 2010. First skull of Orthaspidotherium edwardsi (Mammalia, “Condylarthra”) from the late Paleocene of Berru (France) and phylogenetic affinities of the enigmatic European family Pleuraspidotheriidae. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology T. 30(5), pp. 1559-1578. (Fig. 5-6, 8D-E)

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