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"Crocodilus" depressifrons (Blainville, 1855)

IRSNB R 0255; Landenian; Dormaal; Belgium

IRSNB R 0255

IG: 23197                Reg: 

Age: Early Eocene, Ypresian, Landenian
Locality: Dormaal,
Province du Brabant flamand, Belgium
Description: right maxilla

- Delfino & Smith, 2009. A reassessment of the morphology and taxonomic status of "Crocodilus" depressifrons Blainville, 1855 (Crocodilia, Crocodyloidea) based on the Early Eocene remains from Belgium. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society T. 156, pp. 140-167 (Fig. 17A)

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