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Mosasaurus lemonnieri Dollo, 1889

IRSNB R 0366; Maastrichtian, Cretaceous; Ciply, Hainaut Province, Mons Basin, Belgium

IRSNB R 0366

IG: 5656              Reg: 3116

Age: Upper Cretaceous, Maastrichtian
Locality: Belgium, Ciply, Mons Basin, Hainaut

Description: skull on frame

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- Madzia D., 2019. Dental variability and distinguishability in Mosasaurus lemonnieri (Mosasauridae) from the Campanian and Maastrichtian of Belgium, and implications for taxonomic assessments of mosasaurid dentitions. Historical Biology, pp. 1-16 (Fig. 2a; Fig. 4; pp. 10, Table 1, pp. 11, Table 2)

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