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Polyodontobaena belgica Folie, Smith & Smith, 2013

IRSNB R 0283; Paleocene; Hainin; Mons Basin; Belgium

IRSNB R 0283

IG: 30562       Reg.: HA 605

 Early Palaeocene, Danian or Selandian
Locality: Hainin, Mons Basin, Hainaut Province, Belgium.
Description: L dentary, nearly complete

-Folie, A., Smith, R. & Smith T., 2013. New amphisbaenian lizards from the Early Paleogene of Europe and their implications for the early evolution of modern amphisbaenians. Geologica Belgica, T.16 (4), pp. 227-235 (Fig. 1A, 2A) 


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