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Teilhardina belgica (Teilhard de Chardin, 1927)

IRSNB Vert-26857-00001; Ypresian, Eocene; Dormaal, Vlaamse Brabant, Belgium

IRSNB Vert-26857-00001

IG: 26857                   Reg: -

Age: Ypresian, Eocene, Paleogene, Cenozoic
Locality: Dormaal, Vlaamse Brabant Province; Belgium
Description: right astragalus with breakage on head

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-Gebo, D.L., Smith, T. & Dagosto, M. 2012. New postcranial elements for the earliest Eocene fossil primate Teilhardina belgica. Journal of Human Evolution 63:215-218.
-Dunn & al., 2016. New euprimate postcrania from the early Eocene of Gujarat, India, and the strepsirrhineehaplorhine divergence., In Journal of Human Evolution, Tome 99, pp.25-51


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