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Cladophlebis scariosa Harris

IRSNB b 8679; Jurassic; Ta Tung, China

IRSNB b 8679

IG: 13541               Reg.: 32410

Âge: Jurassic

Localité : Bassin de Ta Tung, sondage n°13 , China

Description: Figured Specimen

Diagnose (donnée par Harris) : Rachis slender, but attaining a width of at least 4 mm, bearing pinnae about 14 cm long at an angle of 50°-80° and at intervals of 2-3 cm. Pinnules borne at right angles to pinnae, typical pinnules 15 mm long x 5 mm broad; in largest specimens 22 x 6 mm. Margins of pinnule, parallel, entire. Lateral veins inserted on midrib at an angle of 50°-60°, the majority of them forked once. Concentration of veins at the margin of the pinnule 12-15 per cm. Substance of lamina delicate.

STOCKMANS F. et MATHIEU F.-F., 1941, Contribution à l'étude la flore Jurassique de la Chine septentrionale, 67p.
p. 38, Planche II, fig. 3, 3a

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