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Cordaites schenkii Halle

IRSNB b 8616; Carboniferous; Tang Chia Chwang, China

 IRSNB b 8616

 IG: 15929               Reg.: 86219

Âge: Carboniferous

Localité : Assise de Chao Ko Chwang, Siège de Tang Chia Chwang, Couche n°15

Description: Figured Specimen

Diagnose (donnée par Halle) : Leaves long, linear, attaining a maximum breadth of 2 cm, possibly of 5 cm, with quite flat surface, very gradually narrowing to the hase, apex not preserved. Main ribs distinct but flat, separated by interspaces of very unequal breadth, generally numbering 10-14 per centimètre. Interstitial ribs fine but distinct, often only very little finer tlian the main ribs, occasionally of equal thickness with them, varying in number frorn one to five or even more, the most common number being three.

Stockmans, F. & Mathieu, F. La Flore Paléozoïque du Bassin Houiller de Kaiping (Chine). Association pour l’étude de la Paléontologie et de la Stratigraphie houillères, n°32
p. 41, Planche VI, fig. 3, 3a

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