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Protoblechmum wongii Halle

IRSNB b 8635; Carboniferous; Linsi, China
IRSNB b 8635
IG: 15929               Reg.: 85566
Âge: Carboniferous
Localité : Assise de Tang Chia Chwang, Affleurement n°810 à Linsi, China
Description: Figured Specimen

Diagnose : Frond very large, pinnate; rachis channelled on the upper side, keeled on the lower, thick, attaining a breadth on the impression of 1 cm at the base of the pinnabearing part of the frond. Pinnae distant, sometimes as far a part as half the bread th of the pinna, forming an angle of 50°-60° with the rachis in the middle of the frond, in the upper part more oblique, in the lower more extended, at the base often perpendicular or reflexed, attached by a broad base, except, in the lowermost part of the frond decurrent on the rachis, sometimes almost to the next lower pinna. Decurrent wings broad, in the upper part of the frond flat often broader than the rachis, in the lower part curving up on the upper side of the rachis in an auriculate manner, becoming gradually more indistinct towards the base of the frond and entirely lacking in the lowermost part bearing pinnae. Pinnae, except at the base and apex of the frond , linear, attaining a maximum length of the least 17 cm, gradually tapering to the obtuse or subacute apex, often slightly curved, generally from the apex, more rarely towards it; margin entire. Midrib strong, reaching to near the apex; secondary veins departing at a narrow angle, arching and reaching the margin at an angle of 50°-60° in the middle of the pinnae, dichtomizing once or twice, more rarely simple.

p. 69, Planche IX, fig. 5, 5a
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