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Sphenopteris pseudogermanica Halle

IRSNB b 8588; Carboniferous; Tongshan, China

IRSNB b 8588

IG: 15929               Reg.: 86015

Âge: Carboniferous

Localité : Assise de Linsi, Affleurement à Tongshan, École des filles

Description: Figured Specimen

Diagnose : (donnée par Halle) Frond (pinna) attaining a breadtli of 10-15 cm, rapidly contracted at the apex. Rachis reaching at least 5 mm in breadth, smooth, with a very fine médian longitudinal ridge on the impression of the upper side and a deeper and wider furrow on the impression of the lower side. Pinnae alternate or subopposite, generally hardly touching, forming an angle of 40°-60° with the rachis, linear, 7-8 cm long, 1,5-2 cm hroad at the base, gradually narrowing to the narrow but obtuse apex; pinna-rachis narrow, smooth, with longitudinal markings similar to tliose of the main rachis. Pinnules alternate, generally only just touching, ascending, deltoid-obovate to almost orbicular, contracted below but attached by a rather broad portion of the base, decurrent, broadly rounded at the apex; margin of the larger pinnules often slightly dissected into two to three rounded lobes. Several veins entering each pinnule, repeatedly bifurcating into very dense, straight, radiating branches, of wich several run out into each lobe in the dissected pinnules; no midrib, but a few of the médian veins sometimes stronger than the others.

Stockmans, F. & Mathieu, F. La Flore Paléozoïque du Bassin Houiller de Kaiping (Chine). Association pour l’étude de la Paléontologie et de la Stratigraphie houillères, n°32
p. 15, Planche II, fig. 12

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