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Taeniopteris hallei Kawasaki

IRSNB b 8637; Carboniferous; Chao Ko Chwang, China
IRSNB b 8637

IG: 15929               Reg.: 85707

Âge: Carboniferous

Localité : Assise de Tang Chia Chwang, Colline Tung Shan à Chao Ko Chwang, China

Description: Figured Specimen

Diagnose : Frond simple, linear, entire, attaining a breadth of 3 cm and a lenght of more than 25 cm, narrowing very gradually down to petiole, much less gradually into a pointed and somewhat mucronate apex; rachis stout, longitudinally striated, in a specimen 3 mm wide in the middle of frond and 6 mm wide at the posterior end of the petiole 4 cm preserved in length; lateral veins distinct, fine, arising at an acute angle, soon bending outwards, pursuing a straight course oblique or nearly perpendicular to the rachis, slightly bending forwards near the margin, forked at the base, each branch forked soon again, rarely sorne of the secondary branches forked
once more at a varying distance; the number of veins near margin 30-40 in 1 cm; no dots on the lamina.

Stockmans, F. & Mathieu, F. La Flore Paléozoïque du Bassin Houiller de Kaiping (Chine). Association pour l’étude de la Paléontologie et de la Stratigraphie houillères, n°32
p. 36, Planche IX, fig. 8, 8a

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