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Taeniopteris lanceolata Kawasaki

IRSNB b 8658; Carboniferous; Lao Shih Shan, China
IRSNB b 8658

IG: 15929               Reg.: 85638

Âge: Carboniferous

Localité : Assise de Hung Ho, Affleurement dans la colline de Lao Shih Shan (ancien village de Hung Ho) , China

Description: Figured Specimen

Diagnose (donnée par Kawasaki) : Frond simple, en tire, lanceolate, small, 5-8 mm wide in the middle and 5 cm long, tapering very gradually into the acutely pointed apex and less gradually toward the base; rachis of medium thickness, 0,5 mm, across at the base; lateral veins given off obliquely, in anterior part acutely, sligthly bending outwards, forked once mostly at or near the base, rarely at sorne distance from the base; the number of veins at the margin about 20 to the centimetre.

Stockmans, F. & Mathieu, F. La Flore Paléozoïque du Bassin Houiller de Kaiping (Chine). Association pour l’étude de la Paléontologie et de la Stratigraphie houillères, n°32
p. 38
, Planche XIV, fig. 3, 3a

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