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Validopteris robusta Kawasaki

IRSNB b 8655; Carboniferous; Lao Shih Shan, China
IRSNB b 8655

IG: 15929               Reg.: 85702

Âge: Carboniferous

Localité : Assise de Hung Ho, Affleurement dans la colline de Lao Shih Shan (ancien village de Hung Ho), China

Description: Figured Specimen

Diagnose : Frond at least bipinnate with a smooth stout, about 2,5 mm across, rachis. Pinnae alternate, nearly perpendicular to the rachis, touching or slightly apart, with waving margins or flatly rounded lobes, contracted abruptly into obtusely round apex and into auriculated round base, attaining 23 mm in length and 3,5 mm in width; pinnae axis comparatively stout, usually 0, 7 mm a cross, straight, not decurrent. Pinnules unileù nearly completely into waving or sligtly lobed pinnae nearly quadrate in shape, 1,5 mm across in size. Venation strong, but 110 marked difference in thickness between miùrih and lateral veins; miùrih decurrent, not straight, but zigzag in its course; lateral veins simple, 2-3 on each side, those on the under side nearly straight, those on the upper side arched inwards, ail reaching the apical margin.

Stockmans, F. & Mathieu, F. La Flore Paléozoïque du Bassin Houiller de Kaiping (Chine). Association pour l’étude de la Paléontologie et de la Stratigraphie houillères, n°32
p. 22
, Planche XIII, fig. 4, 4a

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