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Weichselia reticulata (Fontaine 1883) Stokes & Webb, 1924

IRSNB b 0181a; Barremian; Hautrage; Belgium

IRSNB b 0181a

IG: 5771               Reg: 500
Barremian (Wealdien)
Locality: Hautrage, Belgium


Fontaine W.M. (1883) Contributions to the knowledge of the older Mesozoic flora of Virginia. US Geol Surv Monogr. 6 : 1-144 p.

Stokes C. & Webb P.B. (1924) Description of some fossil vegetables of the Tilgate Forest in Sussex. Trans. Geol. Soc., 1 (2) : 423 p. 

Alvin K.L. (1971) Weichselia reticulata (Stokes et Webb) Fontaine from The Wealden of Belgium. Memoirs of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences : first series, 166 : 3-32 p.Pl.2,Fig.1a-1b.



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