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Weichselia reticulata (Stockes & Webb) Fontaine

IRSNB b 8426; Barremian, Cretaceous; Bernissart, Hainaut Province, Belgium

IRSNB b 8426

IG: 6816           - Reg: PBot-1064

Âge: Barremian (Wealdien)
Localité: Bernissart, Charbonnage de Bernissart, Siège n°1 (Négresse), Hainaut Province, Belgium
Description: Spécimen figuré

Publication:  Blanco-Moreno C., Decombeix & Prestianni C., 20xx, New insights on the affinities, autoecology, and habit of the Mesozoic fern Weichselia reticulata based on the revision of stems from Bernissart (Mons Basin, Belgium). Papers in Palaeontology.

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