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Mictyris longicarpus Latreille, 1806

Labeled as "Myctiris [sic] longicarpus Latr. Australia, Port Jackson, Haswell Type 1882. RBINS INV. 113080. There were 6 female and 1 male Mictyris specimens in the tube. The females were indeed Mictyris longicarpus but the male was Mictyris longicarpus (det. d'Udekem d'Acoz 2016, in using the handbook of Poore 2004 and other references). The erroneously identified was removed from the sample. These specimens belong to a collection of Australian crustaceans received from Haswell in 1882 by the RBINS; all these specimens are registered as "topotypes" (most of them abusively). The type locality given by Latreille (1806) is vague and does not refer specifically to Australia; it runs as follows: "In Oceano Indiae orientalis". The name Mictyris longicarpus is used herein in the sense defined by Poore (2004).
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