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  • Specimen Anthenea tuberculosa var. vanstraeleni Engel, 1938

    RBINS, AST.442. IG. 9223. Island Enoe, n°62 on label [Engel (1938) mentioned n° 6 in his paper], 23 Mar. 1929. In the glass there were two specimens, while Engels (1938) mentioned three (presumably one was retained in Amsterdam). The specimen illustrated here is the same previously illustrated by Engel (1938). It seems that it should be treated as the holotype because Engel (1938) stated "Comme exemplaire typique, je désigne l'exemplaire figuré". As this is a very large specimens, it is illustrated by non-stacked photographs made with the TG3 Olympus, and microCT scan snapshots.

  • Specimen Belgicella racowitzana Ludwig, 1903

    AST.962 ; Belgica sample 874.

  • Specimen Cheiraster (Luidiaster) gerlachei Ludwig, 1903

    Syntype. Belgica sample 787 to 789, 70°15’S, 84°06’W, 20 Dec. 1898. RBINS, INV.AST-540

  • Specimen Anasterias chirophora Ludwig, 1903

    AST.967 ; Original name: Anasterias chirophora Ludwig, 1903 synonym of current name: Lysasterias chirophora (Ludwig, 1903); Syntype; Belgica; sample 368; 71°18’S & 88°02’W, 18 May 1898.

  • Specimen Solaster octoradiatus Ludwig, 1903

    Solaster octoradiatus Ludwig, 1903 synonym of current name: Solaster regularis subarcuatus Sladen, 1889 - Syntype - Belgica - RBINS AST.797 - Stacked photographs, microCT snapshots, microCT video (to be downloaded for viewing).