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Contributors: cdudekem
Copyright: RBINS / DIGIT-4 Belspo Licence: CC BY NC ND
  • Specimen Limnaea brunneoflavida Preston & Cooper, 1910

    Original combination: Limnaea brunneoflavida Copper & Preston, 1910 - Current name is: Pectinidens diaphanus (P. P. King, 1832) - MT 641: Limnaea brunneoflavida Cooper & Preston (Lymnae brunneoflavida) Island Flakland Type 7/6 Preston 30.12.1909 - Original description: Cooper J.E. & Preston H.B. (1910). Diagnoses of new species of marine and freshwater shells from the Falkland Islands, including the description of two new genera of marine Pelecypoda.