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Contributors: cdudekem
Copyright: RBINS / DIGIT-4 Belspo Licence: CC BY NC ND
  • Specimen Megalobulimus popelairianus - Bulimus popelairianus

    Bulimus popelairianus Nyst, 1845 [p. 151] - accepted as Megalobulimus popelairianus (Nyst, 1845). MT.2890 - BE-RBINS-INV-TYPES-MT-2890-Bulimus-popelairianus - Syntype - Révision Craven, 1893 Bulimus popelairianus Nyst, Hab. République de l'Equateur, Nelle Grenade Loc. Amérique Méridionale Bulimus popelairianus Nyst, Bull. Acad: Roy. Bruxelles. t. XII, part. II, (1845), p. 151, pl. III, f 5 Type figuré Sect. Brus. IG 2738 2° label: Déterm. Nyst, 1874 - Further reference: Breure and Araujo (2017), The Neotropical land snails (Mollusca, Gastropoda) collected by the `Comisión Cientí- fica del Pacífico'. PeerJ 5:e3065; DOI 10.7717/peerj.3065