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Acanthochiton oblongus Leloup, 1981

Contributors: cdudekem
Copyright: RBINS / DIGIT-4 Belspo Licence: CC BY NC ND
General : oblongus LELOUP, 1981; Acanthochiton [=Acanthochitona oblonga LELOUP, 1981]; (253): 1, 1 pl.; TL: Salina Bay, Malta; LT: RBINS (I.G. 27893, MT.3783 (holotype), I.G. 25.351, MT.3784 (2 paratypes)); Remarks: according to the posthumous publication of Leloup (1981) the holotype was deposited in the collection of the Royal University of Malta. However, the archives of the RBINS contain a letter of former head of Department Dr. Van Goethem to Prof. Dr. Schembri of the Royal University of Malta. In this letter, dated 27.11.1992, Prof Schembri is thanked for the donation of the holotype of A. oblongus to the RBINS. This letter is preceded by a letter from Prof Schembri, dated, 6.08.1991, to Mr. R. Van Belle, a scientific collaborator of the RBINS, wherein Prof. Schembri states “Rather then select material, I am sending you the hole collection including the very common and obvious specimens. I am also sending you the material identified by Prof. E. Leloup, including the holotype of his new species Acanthochiton oblongus. I am not very happy with keeping this material in Malta as we have no proper museum to deposit it in, and perhaps it would be better if it were deposited in the Belgium museum where Leloup actually worked – what don you think? As usual, please feel free to keep any specimens which are of interest to you. I would appreciate the return of all other material for our reference collection ”. Leloup (1981) mentions four specimens, but provides measurements of only three. General : MT.3783 32 Moll. Mod. II Acanthochiton oblongus Leloup, 1981 Loc: Malte (1), Malta, Salina Bay,under rocks at 3m, july 1974 Leg: M.A. Thake & P.J. Schembri Dét: Dr E.Leloup, 1981 Holotype I.G.27893
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