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Bostryx huayaboensis

Contributors: cdudekem
Copyright: RBINS / DIGIT-4 Belspo Licence: CC BY NC ND
Bostryx huayaboensis (Dautzenberg, 1901). AphiaID 1341732 ( MT 2354 - BE-RBINS-INV-TYPES-MT-2354-Bostryx-huayaboensis . Paralectotype (see Breure ASH (2011) Annotated type catalogue of the Orthalicoidea (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in the Royal Belgian Institute of Sciences, Brussels, with descriptions of two new species. ZooKeys 101: 1–50. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.101.1133). 1°étiquette: Bulimulus huayaboensis Dautzenberg, 1901 Huayabo, Maranon, Peru 2000m alt. Baer legit J. de C. 1901; p.311, pl. IX, f 8-11 Pilsbry Index p. 24 (Dautzenberg's handwriting) 2° étiquette: Bostryx huayaboensis Ph. Dautzenberg, 1901 Dét. A.S.H. Breure, 2010 Paratypes of Bulimulus huayaboensis Dautzenberg, 1901. Original description (of Bulimulus (Ataxus) huayaboensis Dautzenberg, 1901) Dautzenberg, P. (1901). Descriptions de coquilles nouvelles rapportées du Pérou par M. Baer. J. conchyliol. XLIX: 306-313, plate IX. (look up in IMIS) page(s): 311, pl. 9 figs 8-9 [details] - MolluscaBase (2019). MolluscaBase. Bostryx huayaboensis (Dautzenberg, 1901). Accessed at: on 2021-01-08